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Brandon Williams

Brandon Williams has held many jobs in corporate America that take advantage of his undergraduate and graduate degrees in business administration. But he’s also always had an itch for real estate. As the principal at Braden Development for a decade, Brandon focuses on residential and commercial development in the urban core. One 20-unit mixed-use development is slated for completion in 2023. The company builds affordable units in east and north Nashville and also plays in the luxury market. But he’s really intent on making a splash in the affordable arena, driven by many close family members and friends being priced out of the local market. “Homes for less than $300,000 are few and far between,” he said. Brandon was drawn to real estate by the possibility of building wealth and establishing passive cash flow to create his own story, as he didn’t see many minorities in the industry. Currently, Brandon is the principal owner of Braden Development, where he oversees the daily operations and business acquisitions.


Braden Development also owns commercial properties in the Nashville area, focusing on development in strip malls, mixed-use development, and gas stations. Prior to starting his development firm, Brandon managed large project initiatives and business development in the managed care sector. Brandon started off renovating homes and then ventured into new construction. His goal is to grow his capacity and the types of projects he can do. As an example, he would like to move to projects that involve 40 to 50 units at once and get help navigating a zoning and planning system that moves too slowly, hindering progress.

“I want to meet like-minded people, not just in Nashville, so we can scale, grow together and build more homes that are affordable.”

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