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James Crockett, II

James Crockett II is a commercial/residential real estate investor with nearly two decades of experience. He ventured into real estate following the purchase of two properties just after graduating from college. James eventually chose to work in corporate America for several years as a computer engineer by day while investing in real estate and serving as a landlord on the side. This prepared him to start flipping houses when he was laid off in 2009.


A few years later, James started doing new constructionand left the corporate world for good in 2018, tripling what he previously earned. His company focuses on Section 8 rentals, short term rentals, new construction, condo conversions for historic properties and wholesaling. His current projects include converting a Historic Buena Vista Church into seven condos in North Nashville, several single-family developments around greater Nashville, and a 10-unit multifamily property on 3rd Avenue. His business partner and wife, Shannon, assists him in project management and is in charge of construction design for all of their projects.


James’ first inkling that he wanted to be in business was after watching the movie, “Strictly Business”, a comedy about a kid who goes from the mailroom to the boardroom by improving relations between a mover and a shaker. Although James exceled in corporate America, he always wanted to be a real estate entrepreneur. James grew up as a military brat, the son of a Navy father who did six-month tours around the world which also gave James global insight. Building a lasting legacy and generational wealth for his children is imperative to him. James and his wife are expecting their fourth son summer of 2022.


James who was born in the Philippines and has witnessed extreme poverty first hand, had already begun exploring ways to build affordable housing prior to hearing about the Amazon program.  “I really wanted to be able to provide for my family and help out the community at the same time,” he said.


James is a member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. and received his Bachelor’s of Business Administration at Middle Tennessee State University.

“If this opportunity came about five years ago, I wouldn’t have been prepared. I told them when they selected me, you are going to be really happy with the results because I’m going to make it happen.”

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