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Julian Jobe

The book, “Real Estate is the Gold in your Future” by Dempsey J. Travis, introduced Julian Jobe to the world of real estate. At just 15 years of age, when many teens are focused on video games and social media, Julian was intrigued by real estate as his pathway to financial freedom. At age 23, Julian was working three jobs just to stay afloat. He decided if he was going to struggle financially, it might as well be chasing his dream of a career in real estate.


A native Nashvillian, Julian specializes in single-family and multifamily residential construction. The goal is to complement existing neighborhoods and promote pride in Nashville’s history His last investment was a 10-unit Development in Whites Creek that should be completed this year. Overall, Julian’s top three entrepreneurial pursuits are to use the latest technology to build a rental portfolio to a value of $25 million—a business he hopes to pass on to his family.

Julian’s additional achievements include buying, building, renovating, and selling properties for Turner Investments, as well as collaborating with partners to create new and original construction projects. Julian has worked closely with partners including J.U.M.P, Nashville Housing Fundand Tennessee Commerce Ban.


Julian applied for the Real Estate Academy program to collaborate with other professionals of color and gain insight on developing and inspiring innovation and change. When Julian is not working, he’s in North Nashville spending time with his wife and daughter.

“I have learned that every journey starts with a single step. Planning and execution are critical, and no matter how old you are, continue to dream, create, and inspire."

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