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Youvonia Moore

Youvonia Moore, Chief Managing Officer of Thomas Moore Properties, LLC, is driven by her passion to combat homelessness in and around her local community. In her pursuit, she has partnered with county and city agencies, rehabilitating homes and providing affordable housing to low-income families. Youvonia understands from experience that providing people with a home they can afford can also offer safety and stability, which many take for granted.


Youvonia started her real estate journey more than 20 years ago with the purchase of three quad plexes before purchasing single-family homes. Real estate development and rental management led her to buy homes, incorporating microfinancing services and providing the opportunity of home ownership to those without the means to buy on their own. Youvonia’s current real estate projects include remodeling a 12,000-square-foot commercial building in Gallatin, TN, that will serve as office space for entrepreneurs and an event center. Another project includes the recent purchase of a home in Memphis that will be converted into an Airbnb rental.


While managing $2.1 million worth of residential and small commercial properties across Middle Tennessee, Youvonia continues to educate potential homeowners through realtor and financial institution-sponsored events. Youvonia has also served in the finance, insurance, and crop insurance industries for more than 27 years with her current employer, Rural Community Insurance Services, a division of Zurich N.A.


In recent years, Youvonia has furthered her entrepreneurial interests by being the co-owner of the first female black-owned bonding company in Sumner County, TN. Youvonia has a dual role as a licensed bonding agent while serving as Vice President for D’s Bonding Company, Inc.
Youvonia has a Bachelor of Business Administration from Strayer University, where she is obtaining a Master of Business Administration with a concentration in management.

“Watching families move from housing insecurity to home ownership stabilizes and unites communities, and providing the opportunity of home ownership to those with no current means is the first step to battling the homelessness issue in Nashville and our surrounding area.”

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